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[isolation of bordetella bronchiseptica strains from wild animals captured in ankara, konya, urfa and viransehir'de]. 1976933893
[brucellosis, tularemia and borreliosis isolated from wild animals captured in ankara, konya, urfa and nevsehir provinces in turkey].621 citellus, 41 mus musculus, 35 microtus, 442 meriones, 70 rattus rattus, 56 turtle, 89 hare, 1 hamster, 1 hedgehog and 1 sea snake, altogether 1379 wild animals were captured in ankara, konya, urfa and nev┼čehir. neither brucella or francisella tularansis could be isolated nor borrelia could be seen. 1/40-1/80 agglutination titers obtained in 3 out of 134 sera taken from citellus, in 3 out of 264 sera taken from guinea pigs which were inoculated with spleen, liver and kidney suspensions of wil ...1976979704
[tularemia in konya region, turkey].tularemia is a zoonotic infection caused by francisella tularensis. in the recent years tularemia has become a re-emerging infection in turkey with epidemics and also sporadic cases. transmission occurs most often through consumption of contaminated water and food, direct contact with animals and insect/ tick bites. in this study, we evaluated clinical features and laboratory findings of 35 tularemia cases diagnosed during two outbreaks that occurred in two different villages during two differen ...201222639311
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