attitudes of canadian dairy farmers toward a voluntary johne's disease control program.the success of johne's disease (jd) control programs based on risk assessment (ra) depends on producers' compliance with suggested management practices. one objective of this study was to describe the perception of participating canadian dairy farmers of the impact of jd, the ra process, and suggested management strategies. the second objective was to describe the cost of changes in management practices following the ra. a telephone survey was conducted with 238 dairy farmers in ontario, manitob ...201020338426
demographic risk factors of pulmonary colonization by non-tuberculous mycobacteria.british columbia (bc), canada.201020003703
improved survival among hiv-infected patients after initiation of triple-drug antiretroviral regimens.the efficacy of triple-drug antiretroviral regimens in the treatment of patients infected with hiv has been established in several randomized clinical trials. however, the effectiveness of these new regimens in patient populations outside clinical trials remain unproven. this study compared mortality and aids-free survival among hiv-infected patients in british columbia who were treated with double- and triple-drug regimens.199910102000
lack of evidence for mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in crohn's disease. 200516043998
isolation and geographic distribution of mycobacterium other than m. tuberculosis in british columbia, has been suggested that the incidence of infection with mycobacteria other than typical tubercle (mott) bacilli is increasing. laboratory and epidemiologic information relating to mott infection in british columbia between 1972 and 1981 was analysed. patient records for 1960-81 were also analysed. of the 313 661 laboratory specimens 13 474 yielded mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates and 3172, mott isolates. over the 10 years the number of m. tuberculosis isolates declined, whereas the absolut ...19853928125
the incidence of pulmonary non-tuberculous mycobacteria in british columbia, canada.british columbia centre for disease control (bccdc), vancouver, canada.200919723396
serum biochemistry, serology, and parasitology of boreal caribou (rangifer tarandus caribou) in the northwest territories, canada.boreal caribou (rangifer tarandus caribou) are an ecologically and culturally important wildlife species and now range almost exclusively in the boreal forests of canada, including the northwest territories, northern alberta, and british columbia. boreal caribou are threatened throughout their canadian range because of direct and indirect natural and anthropogenic factors. in the northwest territories, however, they have a continuous range that overall has not yet been subjected to the same degr ...201020966261
incidence of pulmonary disease caused by mycobacteria other than tuberculosis in british columbia.the incidence of pulmonary disease due to mycobacteria other than tuberculosis (tb) in canada has not been documented.200212410324
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