[a comparative study of pulmonary disease due to mycobacterium avium and m. intracellulare identified by a newly developed dna probe (gen-probe].by using dna probe, cases due to m. avium complex in japan were grouped into those m. avium and m. intracellulare and their clinical patients were compared by multifactorial analysis. a total of 179 cases was studied (103 due to m. avium and 76 due to m. intracellulare). m. avium cases were found more commonly around tokyo and north, whereas m. intracellulare cases were seen more frequently in the western part of japan. background factors (sex, age, past history, complications, bacterial status, ...19912013966
[non-tuberculous mycobacteriosis. what has been coming out].diagnosis of non-tuberculous mycobacteriosis is relatively easy, because of recent technological advances (hrct, mgit, pcr, ddh etc). although many reports of this disease have been published, there are many problems to resolve. (1) prevalence of non-tuberculous mycobacteriosis: shigeki sato (department of medical oncology and immunology, nagoya city university graduate school of medical sciences) questionnaire surveys to determine the prevalence of nontuberculous mycobacterial (ntm) disease wer ...201121404655
[new era in molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis in japan].molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis (tb) is a science to study tb transmission dynamics and to enhance our understanding of the epidemiology of tb by utilizing molecular typing methods as an adjunct to classical epidemiological approach. before the era of molecular epidemiology, it was quite difficult to ascertain the source of the infections since m. tuberculosis is spread by air-borne droplets of respiratory secretions expelled by an infectious person to a susceptible host and it can remain ...200617154049
[treatment of non-tuberculous pulmonary mycobacteriosis].the non-tuberculous mycobacteriosis (ntm) is not a unitary disease. it is a general term for the bronchopulmonary diseases caused by any mycobacterium other than m. tuberculosis. we don't call the pulmonary "pseudomoniosis" for the diffuse bronchiectasis caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa, though conditions of the disease looks like ntm. the name of ntm represents that the causativebacteria belong to the same species with m. tuberculosis which causes serious pulmonary infectious disease. the pulmo ...200616479999
[recent progress in mycobacteriology].mycobacterium tuberculosis is one of the most successful bacterial parasites of humans, infecting over one-third of the population of the world as latent infection without clinical manifestations. over 8.8 million new cases and nearly 2 million deaths by tuberculosis (tb) occur annually. tb poses a significant health threat to the world population. the goal of this symposium is to open new avenues for combating tuberculosis. the speakers have presented their data and provided control strategies ...200718018602
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