the current status of bcg immunization against tuberculosis. 1977324370
mycobacteriologic data from two outbreaks of bovine tuberculosis in nonhuman primates. 19744588087
benefit of two-step ppd testing of new employees at a new york city hospital.recent concern about nosocomial transmission of tuberculosis has led hospitals to scrutinize employee tuberculin conversion rates. the centers for disease control and prevention recommends two-step testing of new employees to limit the booster phenomenon. the cost of such a program and its subsequent yield have not recently been examined.19979202825
human tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium bovis--new york city, march 2004, a u.s.-born boy aged 15 months in new york city (nyc) died of peritoneal tuberculosis (tb) caused by mycobacterium bovis infection. m. bovis, a bacterial species of the m. tuberculosis complex, is a pathogen that primarily infects cattle. however, humans also can become infected, most commonly through consumption of unpasteurized milk products from infected cows. in industrialized nations, human tb caused by m. bovis is rare because of milk pasteurization and culling of infected c ...200515973241
tuberculosis disease among mexico-born individuals living in new york city, 2001-2014.tuberculosis (tb) has decreased substantially in new york city (nyc), but progress has slowed in recent years. continued declines will require novel approaches tailored to foreign-born populations.201728482960
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