simulation model of within-herd transmission of bovine tuberculosis in argentine dairy herds.transmission of bovine tuberculosis was quantified in three dairy herds located in south santa fe province, argentina. using estimates of mycobacterium bovis transmission (beta) and a reed-frost simulation model, the prevalence of tuberculosis infection in the study herds over time was investigated. the reed-frost model was modified by incorporating randomness in both beta and the incubation period (alpha) of m. bovis. the mean estimated herd beta was 2.2 infective contacts per year and did not ...200212163252
detection of mycobacterium bovis-infected dairy herds using pcr in bulk tank milk samples.bovine tuberculosis (btb) is a chronic and zoonotic disease due to mycobacterium bovis. the tuberculosis eradication campaign carried out in argentina has considerably improved the health situation of the herds. here we evaluated a strategy to detect m. bovis-infected herds by touch-down is6110 polymerase chain reaction (pcr) in bulk tank raw milk from dairy farms. we evaluated 177 samples from herds with the official tuberculosis free certificate (tfc) and 80 from herds without the certificate, ...201222283638
[mycobacterium bovis in wildlife of the dairy regions of santa fe (argentina)].control eradication campaigns of bovine tuberculosis based on the «test and slaughter» approach were successful in many countries and regions; however, in some areas the infection persists and one of the main reasons is mycobacterium bovis infection in wild life species. argentina has applied the same approach since 1999, achieving progress in dairy cattle herds. nonetheless, the wildlife role has never been investigated. the objective of this study was to determine if wildlife from the santa fe ...201526376835
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