isolation and identification of bovine tuberculosis in a brazilian herd (são paulo).mycobacterium was verified in animals from a brazilian dairy herd, a total of 42 samples from 30 cows were submitted to culture and the isolated strains were analyzed by two polymerase chain reaction (pcr), the first specific for species belonging to the mycobacterium complex (mtbc) and the other for differentiating m. tuberculosis from m. bovis. twenty seven samples (64.3%) from 18 animals (60%) were positive for mycobacteria by culture, including samples from 15 retrofaryngeal lymphnodes (55.5 ...200717710311
[human tuberculosis by bovine bacilli in são paulo, brasil (author's transl)]. 19744614761
occurrence of mycobacteria in bovine milk samples from both individual and collective bulk tanks at farms and informal markets in the southeast region of sao paulo, brazil.mycobacterium spp. is one of the most important species of zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted from cattle to humans. the presence of these opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria in bovine milk has emerged as a public-health concern, especially among individuals who consume raw milk and related dairy products. to address this concern, the brazilian control and eradication program focusing on bovine tuberculosis, was established in 2001. however, bovine tuberculosis continues to afflict approx ...201323618368
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