studies on the biological activity of two strains of bcg: influence of production conditions.batches of freeze-dried bcg vaccine were produced by using two different substrains--moscow (sl 374a) and paris (sl 1173 p2). the biological activity of the vaccines was studied by the following tests: in the laboratory--viability, heat stability, homogeneity, skin reactivity, allergenic potency and immunogenicity in guinea pigs. in the field--local lesions and postvaccination tuberculin sensitivity. all the batches were produced by using the same technique and production methods. the paris subs ...19863297858
[mycobacteria (m. bovis and atypical) identified at the institut pasteur, paris, between 1960 and 1972]. 19734198560
a nosocomial outbreak of multidrug-resistant mycobacterium bovis among hiv-infected patients. a case-control identify risk factors in a nosocomial outbreak of multidrug-resistant mycobacterium bovis (mdrmb) tuberculosis (tb) among hiv-infected patients.19938280411
identification as mycobacterium tuberculosis of previously described m bovis multidrug-resistant strains. 19989504552
actual research at the psychopharmacology center of charenton-saint maurice (paris). 196314073167
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