surveillance of wildlife for mycobacterium bovis infection using culture of pooled tissue samples from ferrets (mustela furo).to compare culture results of homogenates of pooled lymph nodes from individual ferrets with and without macroscopic lesions of bovine tuberculosis for the presence of mycobacterium bovis, and to determine whether homogenates from 10-30 ferrets could be combined and cultured without loss of sensitivity as a possible method for improving cost-effectiveness of surveillance for m. bovis infection in wildlife populations.200515731829
comparison of the bbl mycobacteria growth indicator tube, the bactec 12b, and solid media for the isolation of mycobacterium bovis.we compared different methods for their ability to isolate mycobacterium bovis from tissue samples from animals with lesions resembling bovine tuberculosis. in the first trial, m. bovis was isolated from 86 of 200 tissue samples that were cultured using 2 liquid media, bactec 12b and bbl mycobacteria growth indicator tube (mgit), and a solid medium, middlebrook 7h11 supplemented with pyruvate (7h11p). m. bovis was isolated from 2 samples with mgit but not bactec 12b. m. bovis was isolated from 9 ...201728460600
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