serial subcultivation of czechoslovakian and japanese bcg strains.changes in the danish bcg strain under certain regimens of subculture have been shown in preceding studies to be associated with selection of a minority population. three czechoslovakian bcg strains, all originally derived from the danish strain but thereafter and in distinction from it maintained on potato media, have now been investigated. changes in the immunizing potency of two of these strains have been attributed by other workers to employment of the richer potato media in place of sauton ...19807005326
historical review of bcg vaccine in japan.bacillus calmette and guérin (bcg) was introduced to japan in 1924 by kiyoshi shiga and has been propagated for research purposes ever since propagation is accomplished using a glycerin-bile-potato mixture in the same manner used by calmette and guérin. to prepare a stable and safe freeze-dried bcg vaccine, several joint research projects were organized in 1949. at the national institute of infectious diseases (formerly the national institute of health), the 172nd passage of bcg from the first c ...200718032829
deep sequencing analysis of the heterogeneity of seed and commercial lots of the bacillus calmette-guérin (bcg) tuberculosis vaccine substrain, only vaccine available to prevent tuberculosis, was established in the early 20th century by prolonged passaging of a virulent clinical strain of mycobacterium bovis. bcg tokyo-172, originally distributed within japan in 1924, is one of the currently used reference substrains for the vaccine. recently, this substrain was reported to contain two spontaneously arising, heterogeneous subpopulations (types i and ii). the proportions of the subpopulations changed over time in both distributed se ...201526635118
chest wall abscess due to mycobacterium bovis bcg after intravesical bcg therapy.we report a case of chest wall abscess caused by mycobacterium bovis bcg that arose as a complication 1 year after intravesical bcg instillation. we identified m. bovis bcg tokyo 172 in the abscess by pcr-based typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and analysis of variable number of tandem repeats data.201122116141
isolation and identification of arabinose mycolates of cell wall skeleton (cws) derived from mycobacterium bovis bcg tokyo 172 (smp-105).a unique hydrolysis method using a two-layer solution, consisting of diluted hydrochloric acid and toluene was developed to isolate whole arabinose mycolates from the cell wall skeleton of mycobacterium bovis bcg tokyo 172 (smp-105) in order to reveal its pivotal role in enhancing immune responses against tumors.201020079769
quantification of two variant strains contained in freeze-dried japanese bcg vaccine preparation by real-time pcr.japanese bacillus calmette-guerin (bcg) vaccine preparation contains two types of variant strains, type i, which has a 22-base-pair deletion in the rd16 region, and type ii, which has an identical sequence to those of other bcg strains. in this study, we established a method to quantify the percentage of variant strain type ii contained in freeze-dried bcg product with real-time pcr. with this method we examined the master seed lot tokyo 172, two secondary seed lots, tokyo 172-1 and tokyo 172-2, ...200717074509
modified multiplex pcr for identification of bacillus calmette-guérin substrain tokyo among clinical isolates.when an adverse reaction occurs and a mycobacterial species is isolated from a person vaccinated with bacillus calmette-guérin (bcg) or a patient receiving bcg immunotherapy, it is essential to identify whether the isolate is bcg or another mycobacterial species. however, differentiation of bcg from other members of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex has been very difficult. using several specific primer-pairs, bedwell et al. [bedwell j, kairo sk, behr ma, bygraves ja. identification of substrai ...200515837207
restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of epidemiologically related mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates.restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) analysis of a large number of japanese isolates of mycobacterium tuberculosis, containing isolates from small outbreaks of m. tuberculosis infection, and clinical isolates of m. bovis bcg, was carried out using a dna probe derived from the insertion sequence is986. clinical isolates of m. tuberculosis had a high degree of rflp. the occurrences of the is element varied from 1 to 19, the majority of isolates having 8 to 15 copies. very similar finger ...19938102472
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