[study on the molecular epidemiology of mycobacterium tuberculosis in shanghai].to explore the molecular-epidemiology of mycobacterium tuberculosis in shanghai.200516471224
[application of spoligotyping and mlva analysis in genotype studies of mycobacterium tuberculosis].to access the application of spacer oligotyping (spoligotyping) and multiple locus vntr(mlva) in epidemiological studies of mycobacterium tuberculosis.200717649661
potential challenges to the stop tb plan for humans in china; cattle maintain m. bovis and m. tuberculosis.thirty-eight cows in a herd were determined to be positive for bovine tuberculosis (tb). the bacterial isolation and characterization with multiplex pcr identified six mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates. the mycobacterium bovis and m. tuberculosis infection induced comparable pathology in cattle in both gross pathology and histopathology based on the qualitative assessment of the sampled lung tissues. the spoligotyping demonstrated that cow m. tuberculosis isolates belonged to beijing family st ...200919056318
molecular characterization of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (mtbc) isolated from cattle in northeast and northwest china.we studied throat swabs and corresponding serum samples collected from 1067 protein purified derivative (ppd)-tuberculin skin test (tst) positive cattle from different regions of china. the 1067 throat swabs were inoculated onto modified löwenstein-jensen medium for the isolation and culture of mycobacteria. acid-fast bacilli were identified using traditional biochemical methods, polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification and multiplex pcr. they were distinguished as mycobacterium tuberculosi ...201120797738
pulmonary tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium bovis in china.the epidemiology of mycobacterium bovis infection in humans in china is unknown. in this study, pulmonary tuberculosis caused by m. bovis in china was studied. a total of 4069 clinical strains isolated from sputa during the 2007-2009 nationwide surveillance of drug-resistant tuberculosis in china were analyzed. m. bovis was identified by para-nitrobenzoic acid and thiophen-2-carboxylic acid hydrazide growth tests, spoligotyping and multiplex pcr amplification. in addition, a total of 1828 clinic ...201525736338
predominance of a single genotype of mycobacterium tuberculosis in countries of east asia.analysis of the population structure of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from the people's republic of china showed that the vast majority belong to a genetically closely related group. these strains shared the majority of their is6110 dna-containing restriction fragments, and also, the dna polymorphism associated with other repetitive dna elements, like the polymorphic gc-rich sequence and the direct repeat, was very limited. because the majority of these strains originated from the province ...19958586708
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