endoscopy - related bacteremia. incidence of positive blood cultures after endoscopy of upper gastrointestinal tract.a prospective study was undertaken to determine the frequency of bacteremia after endoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract. three of 100 patients (3%) demonstrated positive blood cultures after the endoscopic procedure. bacteriologic surveys disclosed that routine cleansing procedures of the endoscopy room and the endoscope itself frequently failed to achieve optimal sterile conditions. particularly noteworthy was the growth of enterobacter liquefaciens and candida albicans on one occasion ...19761275622
gonogrow, an improved, selective medium for the isolation of neisseria gonorrhoeae. 19744209767
candida pyelonephritis and candiduria: the clinical significance of candida albicans in urine cultures. 19685677044
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in male prisoners. new insights into an emerging syndrome.between september 1981 and june 1982, the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and pneumocystis carinii pneumonia were diagnosed in seven previously healthy young men incarcerated for 5 to 38 months in new york state correctional facilities. all seven patients were anergic, six were lymphopenic, and all developed oral candidiasis. immunologic evaluation in vitro showed profound defects in cellular immune function in patients tested, with inversion of the normal ratio of helper to suppressor t-cell ...19836338788
epidemiology of candidemia at a children's hospital, 2002 to 2006.there are few recent studies evaluating trends in the epidemiology of candidemia including changes in species or utilization of antifungal agents in children.200919636286
fungal keratitis at the new york eye and ear infirmary.this study was designed to review the clinical experience at our institution with fungal keratitis during a 16-year period.200616633023
hematogenous infections due to candida parapsilosis: changing trends in fungemic patients at a comprehensive cancer center during the last four decades.this study was performed to evaluate trends in species distribution in patients' with hematogenous candidiasis at a comprehensive cancer center. the results of a retrospective analysis from january 1, 1993 to december 31, 1998 were compared with prior reports from memorial sloan-kettering cancer center in the last forty years. in 570 total episodes since 1974, 43.9% were due to candida albicans. during 1990's, c. parapsilosis emerged as the most frequent yeast species in the non-c. albicans grou ...200212376025
serologic evidence for cryptococcus neoformans infection in early childhood.cryptococcus neoformans is an important cause of central nervous system infection in adults with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) but an unusual cause of disease in children with aids. the basis for this age-related difference in incidence is not known but may be caused by differences in exposure or immune response. the objective of this study was to determine whether the low prevalence of cryptococcal disease among children is related to a lack of exposure to c neoformans.200111331716
evaluation of mycology laboratory proficiency testing.changes over the last decade in overt proficiency testing (opt) regulations have been ostensibly directed at improving laboratory performance on patient samples. however, the overt (unblinded) format of the tests and regulatory penalties associated with incorrect values allow and encourage laboratorians to take extra precautions with opt analytes. as a result opt may measure optimal laboratory performance instead of the intended target of typical performance attained during routine patient testi ...199910364601
the antimicrobial potential of 14 natural herbal dentifrices: results of an in vitro diffusion method study.increasing numbers of americans are using natural herbal products for general and oral health care. few of these products, however, have undergone rigorous testing, as evidenced by the limited amount of information on their safety and efficacy in the literature. the authors conducted an in vitro study to evaluate the antimicrobial potential of 14 natural herbal dentifrices.200415387052
acquired immune deficiency in haitians: opportunistic infections in previously healthy haitian immigrants.we describe acquired immune deficiency manifested by opportunistic infections in 10 previously healthy heterosexual haitian men. the opportunistic pathogens included toxoplasma gondii (in four patients), cryptococcus neoformans (in one), pneumocystis carinii (in four patients), and candida albicans (in three). six of the patients also had mycobacterium tuberculosis. immunologic studies of three patients showed a decrease in the numbers and activity of helper t cells, with normal or increased pop ...19836217423
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