molecular phylogenetic analysis of a geographically and temporally matched set of candida albicans isolates from humans and nonmigratory wildlife in central illinois.this study explored whether wildlife species serve as the reservoir for human candida albicans strains in a given geographic area. c. albicans isolates were collected from nonmigratory wildlife admitted to the university of illinois wildlife medical clinic. a geographically and temporally matched set of c. albicans oral isolates was collected from healthy human volunteers. multilocus sequence typing was used to assign strains to genetic clades. clade 1 isolates, particularly diploid sequence typ ...200818621922
a protective endophyte of maize: acremonium zeae antibiotics inhibitory to aspergillus flavus and fusarium verticillioides.the maize endophyte acremonium zeae is antagonistic to kernel rotting and mycotoxin producing fungi aspergillus flavus and fusarium verticillioides in cultural tests for antagonism, and interferes with a. flavus infection and aflatoxin contamination of preharvest maize kernels. chemical studies of an organic extract from maize kernel fermentations of acremonium zeae (nrrl 13540), which displayed significant antifungal activity against aspergillus flavus and f. verticillioides, revealed that the ...200516018316
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