prevalence and antifungal susceptibility of 442 candida isolates from blood and other normally sterile sites: results of a 2-year (1996 to 1998) multicenter surveillance study in quebec, canada.during a 2-year surveillance program (1996 to 1998) in quebec, canada, 442 strains of candida species were isolated from 415 patients in 51 hospitals. the distribution of species was as follows: candida albicans, 54%; c. glabrata, 15%; c. parapsilosis, 12%; c. tropicalis, 9%; c. lusitaniae, 3%; c. krusei, 3%; and candida spp., 3%. these data, compared to those of a 1985 survey, indicate variations in species distribution, with the proportions of c. glabrata and c. parapsilosis increasing by 9 an ...200111230409
case report: familial chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis complicated by deep candida infection.chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (cmc) is usually characterized by onset in childhood and is almost never complicated by deep fungal infection. the authors report two cases of fatal candida meningitis in patients who suffered from mild, adult-onset cmc. the pedigrees suggest an autosomal recessive disorder. in the index cases and in a symptomatic sibling, the immunologic work-up showed a specific cellular deficit as opposed to candida albicans, as is typical of other forms of cmc. both families ...19948160723
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