antimicrobial screening of medicinal plants from baja california sur, mexico.the ethanolic extracts of 72 plants belonging to 35 different families, and used in traditional medicine in baja california sur (méxico), were tested for antimicrobial activity in vitro using the filter paper disk assay method. activity against staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, streptococcus faecalis (gram-positive microorganisms), escherichia coli (gram-negative microorganisms) and candida albicans (yeast) is discussed.19912023427
candida species diversity and antifungal susceptibility patterns in oral samples of hiv/aids patients in baja california, mexico.candidiasis is the most common opportunistic fungal infection in hiv patients. the aims of this study were to identify the prevalence of carriers of candida, candida species diversity, and in vitro susceptibility to antifungal drugs. in 297 hiv/aids patients in baja california, mexico, candida strains were identified by molecular methods (pcr-rflp) from isolates of oral rinses of patients in tijuana, mexicali, and ensenada. 56.3% of patients were colonized or infected with candida in tijuana, th ...201627630251
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