trends in species distribution and susceptibility of bloodstream isolates of candida collected in monterrey, mexico, to seven antifungal agents: results of a 3-year (2004 to 2007) surveillance study.during a 3-year surveillance program (2004 to 2007) in monterrey, mexico, 398 isolates of candida spp. were collected from five hospitals. we established the species distribution and in vitro susceptibilities of these isolates. the species included 127 candida albicans strains, 151 c. parapsilosis strains, 59 c. tropicalis strains, 32 c. glabrata strains, 11 c. krusei strains, 5 c. guilliermondii strains, 4 c. famata strains, 2 c. utilis strains, 2 c. zeylanoides strains, 2 c. rugosa strains, 2 ...200818632907
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