[yeast infections: causative agents and their antifungal resistance in hospitalized pediatric patients and hiv-positive adults].candidiasis has increased its frequency over the last decade, particularly among hospitalized patients where it is accompanied with high rates of mortality, and in patients with aids who are predisposed to oropharyngeal or esophageal candidiasis. the aim of this study was to determine the frequency of appearance of different yeast species and the resistance profile to current antifungal drugs in hospitalized pediatric patients and adult hiv patients from 5 institutions of buenos aires city and s ...19979229726
[study of acute vulvovaginitis in sexually active adult women, with special reference to candidosis, in patients of the francisco j. muñiz infectious diseases hospital].the results of microbiological vaginal secretions samples obtained from 749 women (from july 2001 to july 2002) were studied in the bacteriology unit of the francisco javier muñiz hospital from buenos aires. all patients suffered acute vulvovaginitis were child bearing and sexually active women, 334 of them were hiv-positive. the following are the results of the microbiological studies: lactobacillus spp 50.6%, gardnerella vaginalis 25.6%, candida spp 17.4%, trichomonas vaginalis 5.3%, neisseria ...200415709796
[candida carriage in the oral mucosa of a student population: adhesiveness of the strains and predisposing factors].the aim of this study was to establish oral carriage of candida and possible factors associated to their virulence in young adults and their relation with local and general situations considered as predisposing factors. samples were obtained from dorsum tongue in 70 students attending the faculty of dentistry (university of buenos aires) average age: 23, all in healthy oral conditions. of these, 21.42% were candida positive. these samples were seeded in chromagar. candida identification was comp ...200211942080
[presumptive identification of candida spp. and other clinically important yeasts: usefulness of brilliance candida agar].fungal infections caused by yeasts have increased during the last decades and invasive forms represent a serious problem for human health. candida albicans is the species most frequently isolated from clinical samples. however, other emerging yeast pathogens are increasingly responsible for mycotic infections, and some of them are resistant to some antifungal drugs. consequently, it is necessary to have methods that can provide a rapid presumptive identification at species level. numerous chromo ...201020346288
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