onychomycosis in cali, colombia.this study presents the epidemiological and mycological aspects of 299 patients with nail lesions who were referred to three diagnostic laboratories in the city of cali. the diagnosis of mycoses was established through visualization of mycotic structures in a direct microscopic examination of skin scrapings and by isolation. onychomycosis was found in 183 cases (61.2%), of which 141 were in toenails (44 in males and 97 in females), 38 in fingernails (9 males and 29 females), and 4 cases in toena ...200415518346
isolation of candida dubliniensis for the first time in cali, colombia, and its identification with phenotyping methods.candida dubliniensis is an emerging pathogenic yeast isolated mainly from the oral cavity of hiv-infected patients. the close phenotypic and genotypic relationship between c. albicans and c. dubliniensis has led to incorrectly identifying isolates of c. dubliniensis as c. albicans. the oral cavities of 107 diabetic patients were studied in cali, colombia, and 72 colonies of candida, with shades of green on chromagar candida culture media, were obtained. various phenotypic tests were carried out, ...200918622716
yeast diversity associated to sediments and water from two colombian artificial colombia, knowledge of the yeast and yeast-like fungi community is limited because most studies have focused on species with clinical importance. sediments and water represent important habitats for the study of yeast diversity, especially for yeast species with industrial, biotechnological, and bioremediation potential. the main purpose of this study was to identify and compare the diversity of yeast species associated with sediment and water samples from two artificial lakes in universidad ...201424948924
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