detection of candida dubliniensis in patients with candidiasis in caracas, venezuela.candida species are responsible for 80% of all nosocomial fungal infections. in 1995 a new yeast species was described, candida dubliniensis which shares with candida albicans characteristics. we have studied 109 yeast isolates identified as c. albicans to investigate the presence of c. dubliniensis by microbiological studies and pcr using dubr/dubf primers. positive results using microbiological tools were between 90 and 98%. two morphological and physiological of the 80 dna examined samples (2 ...200616854182
[incidence of yeasts isolated from the mouth and toothbrushes in venezuela].117 yeast strains from the mouth, and 69 from toothbrushes of 229 patients from the hospital universitario of caracas (venezuela) were studied. candida albicans was found to be the most frequent yeast in both materials with 56.4%, and 52.1% in the mouth and toothbrushes, respectively. c. tropicalis with 16.2%, and c. parapsilosis with 7.6% followed c. albicans in the mouth. in the toothbrushes c. parapsilosis with 11.5%, and c. tropicalis with 6.0% followed c. albicans. the incidence of other ye ...19806993951
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