nosocomial candidiasis in rio de janeiro state: distribution and fluconazole susceptibility hundred and forty-one candida species isolated from clinical specimens of hospitalized patients in rio de janeiro, brazil, during 2002 to 2007, were analized in order to evaluate the distribution and susceptibility of these species to fluconazole. candida albicans was the most frequent species (45.4%), followed by c. parapsilosis sensu lato (28.4%), c. tropicalis (14.2%), c. guilliermondii (6.4%), c. famata (2.8%), c. glabrata (1.4%), c. krusei (0.7%) and c. lambica (0.7%). the sources of fu ...201526273262
chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of the essential oils from ocimum selloi and hesperozygis myrtoides.ocimum selloi, a traditional medicinal plant from brazil, is sold in open-air markets at rio de janeiro state. hesperozygis myrtoides is a very aromatic small bush found in the state of minas gerais, brazil, growing at an altitude of 1800m. the chemical composition of both essential oils was analyzed as well as their antimicrobial activity against fungi and bacteria. for all specimens of ocimum selloi obtained at open-air markets, methylchavicol was major compound found (93.6% to 97.6%) in their ...201121834250
ascomycetous yeast communities of marine invertebrates in a southeast brazilian mangrove ecosystem.the ascomycetous yeast communities associated with 3 bivalve mollusk, and 4 crab species were studied in the mangrove at coroa grande on sepetiba bay in rio de janeiro, brazil. these were made up mostly of diverse but sparse and apparently allochtonous yeast populations. the striking exception was a prevalent population of the species kluyveromyces aestuarii, which predominated the yeast communities of 2 detritus feeding crabs, sesarma rectum and uca spp., and the shipworm neoteredo reynei. howe ...19958546456
fungemia in cancer patients in brazil: predominance of non-albicans species.the objective of this study was to characterize the epidemiology of candidemia in cancer patients in the city of rio de janeiro, brazil. an 18-month survey of fungemia in patients with cancer was undertaken in three hospitals in rio de janeiro. forty-three episodes of candidemia were identified in 43 patients, 43 of which were episodes of candidemia; in ten case the strains were not available for further identification of species and were excluded from this analysis. the overall distribution of ...19989750336
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