analysis of the strain relatedness of oral candida albicans in patients with diabetes mellitus using polymerase chain increase our understanding of candida pathogenicity, the identification of those strains most frequently associated with infections is of paramount importance. polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-based methods are extremely effective in differentiating and determining reproducibility, they require minimum starting material and are rapid and simple to perform. in this study, the genetic relatedness of candida albicans was assessed for two geographically different patient groups (london, uk and par ...200617064392
[epidemiological analysis of nosocomial infections at the "arcispedale st. anna" in ferrara between 1989 and 1991].the authors describe the results of an epidemiology project on nosocomial infection performed from 1989 through 1991 at the "arcispedale s. anna", ferrara, italy. data are considered from 4.183 patients who were hospitalized for surgical treatment and intensive care: 301 patients (7.2%) developed 402 episodes of infection, namely 1.34 infections per patient. 8.2% of the patients who underwent surgery had at least one infection, while 3.9% of the those who did not have surgery showed at least one ...19958679167
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