cand-lo 2014-15 study: changing epidemiology of candidemia in lombardy (italy).the aim of this study was to monitor recent changes in the epidemiology of candidemia and in the antifungal susceptibility profiles of candida isolates in one italian region (lombardy) in 2014-2015 in comparison with two other studies performed in the same area in 1997-1999 and in 2009.201627753001
clinical and immunological aspects of hiv infection in drug addicts.intravenous drug users (ivdus) account for more than 64% of the total aids cases in italy. the ivdus' seropositivity rate is greater than 70% in milan and greater than 50% in the main cities of italy. the first evidence of seropositivity in this population dates back to 1979. in a cohort study performed in milan the rate of progression to overt aids among ivdus was 6% in 3 years (1984-1987). at presentation, more than 75% of the subjects had cd4+ cell counts higher than 400/mm3 (mean 631, median ...19892562942
candida albicans in a neonatal intensive care unit: antifungal susceptibility and genotypic analysis.invasive candidiasis in neonates has become an increasing problem over the past decade in neonatal intensive care units (nicus). from august 2005 to january 2006, six invasive candidiasis occurred in neonates in nicu of the s. matteo hospital of pavia. the study focused on the species involved and their in vitro antifungal susceptibility. genotyping was conducted to determine clonal relatedness. a total of 22 yeasts were isolated from different biological samples of neonates during six months. t ...200717802915
the european confederation of medical mycology (ecmm) survey of candidaemia in italy: in vitro susceptibility of 375 candida albicans isolates and biofilm investigate the in vitro antifungal susceptibility pattern of 375 candida albicans bloodstream isolates recovered during the european confederation of medical mycology survey of candidaemia performed in lombardia, italy and to test the ability to form biofilm.200516144871
european confederation of medical mycology (ecmm) prospective survey of candidaemia: report from one italian ecmm epidemiological prospective survey of candidaemia was performed in one italian region (lombardy; population: 8 924 870) by the national society of medical mycology (fimua) from september 1997 to december 1999. in total, 569 episodes were reported with an overall rate of 0.38/1000 admissions, 4.4/100000 patient days. predisposing factors included presence of an intravascular catheter (89%), antibiotic treatment (88%), surgery (56%), intensive care (45%), solid tumour (28%), steroid treatm ...200212183145
a 1-year prospective survey of candidemia in italy and changing epidemiology over one decade.the aim of this study was to assess the epidemiology of candidemia and antifungal susceptibility profiles of candida isolates in italy through a prospective surveillance study and to evaluate changes compared to a previous survey performed in one italian region (lombardy) in 1997-1999.201323559357
retrospective study of onychomycosis in italy: 1985-2000.cases of onychomycosis diagnosed by mycological examination in three mycology units (florence, siena and milan) of central and northern italy over the 15-year period, 1985-2000, were studied retrospectively. the number of cases was 4046 (1952 women, 2094 men). dermatophytes were isolated in 2859, yeasts in 655 and moulds in 532 cases. the most frequent dermatophyte was trichophyton rubrum (87%), followed by t. mentagrophytes var. interdigitale (10%). candida albicans (93.2%) was the prevalent ye ...200515679665
fungaemia in hospitalized various clinics of irccs s. matteo hospital, pavia, italy, 269 blood cultures recovered from immunocompromised patients over 4 years have been examined mycologically. of the 269 cultures, 101 were from hiv-infected patients and five were from cardiac transplant recipients. of the total examined 96 blood cultures were positive (36%). the most frequent genus was candida: c. albicans (48%), c. tropicalis and c. parapsilosis (8% each), c. glabrata and c. guillermondii (3% each). cryptococcus neof ...19958569814
clinical and epidemiological aspects of the first 50 cases of aids in milan.between april 1984 and december 1985, 50 patients diagnosed as aids were observed in our clinic. risk factors were homosexuality in 21 cases (42%), drug addiction in 20 (40%), homosexuality and drug addiction in 3 (6%), haemophilia in 1 (2%). in the remaining 5 cases the infection was acquired by vertical transmission in 2 (4%), by promiscuous heterosexual intercourse in 2 (4%) and by a single blood transfusion in 1 (2%). kaposi's sarcoma (ks) was the main clinical feature in 8 patients, althoug ...19863580141
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