Antifungal activity and chemical composition of essential oils from Smyrnium olusatrum L. (Apiaceae) from Italy and Portugal.The essential oils and supercritical CO(2) extracts of wild Smyrnium olusatrum L. growing in Sardinia (Italy) and in Portugal were investigated. For the study, oils were isolated from total plant aerial part (umbels containing seeds). The content of ß-phellandrene (67.3% vs. 42.7%) and a-pinene (31.9% vs. 1.2%), respectively, the main components of Portuguese and Italian essential oils, declined during the maturation stage of the umbels. Contrarily, some other important components, particularly ...201121902563
chemical composition and biological assays of essential oils of calamintha nepeta (l.) savi subsp. nepeta (lamiaceae).aerial parts of wild calamintha nepeta (l.) savi subsp. nepeta growing spontaneously on the mediterranean coast (sardinia island, italy) and on the atlantic coast (portugal) were used as a matrix for the supercritical extraction of volatile oil with co(2). the collected extracts were analysed by gc-fid and gc-ms methods and their compositions were compared with that of the essential oil isolated by hydrodistillation, but the differences were not relevant. a strong chemical variability was observ ...201020981614
epidemiology of tinea pedis in cagliari, italy.observational study of all incident tinea pedis cases, realised from 2001 to 2007 at the dermatology clinic of the university of cagliari, italy, which is the main reference centre for dermatologic diseases in central southern sardinia.201020197740
tinea pedis observed in cagliari, italy, between 1996 and 2000.the aim of this study was to verify the incidence of tinea pedis in patients observed in the department of dermatology of the university of cagliari, italy, in the period from 1996 to 2000. we examined 722 patients, 536 with lesions and 186 without lesions of the feet and in 169 of them (23.4%) we diagnosed tinea pedis. all patients suffering from tinea pedis belonged to the group with lesions. in the 536 patients with clinical manifestations which were evident to a certain degree, microscope an ...200312588481
prevalence of candida species in different hospital wards and their susceptibility to antifungal agents: results of a three year survey.over a three years period, 472 candida isolates were obtained from specimens of patients hospitalized either in "at risk", bone marrow transplant unit and intensive care unit, or in conventional wards, pneumological divisions of the "binaghi" hospital of cagliari (italy). antifungal susceptibility profile to amphotericin b, voriconazole, fluconazole and ketoconazole was determined. candida albicans was the predominant species while candida krusei was the most frequent non-albicans species. c. kr ...200818847180
antifungal activity of extracts from cynomorium coccineum growing wild in sardinia island (italy).cynomorium coccineum l. is a non-photosynthetic plant, spread over mediterranean countries, amply used in traditional medicine. the aim of this study was to evaluate for the first time the antifungal activity of its extracts. the antifungal activity was evaluated using the macrodilution method against candida spp., cryptococcus neoformans and dermatophyte strains. the methanolic extract was very active against c. neoformans, candida guilliermondii and candida krusei, with minimal inhibitory conc ...201525598435
chemical compositions of the essential oils of aerial parts of chamaemelum mixtum (l.) alloni.the chemical compositions of the aerial parts essential oils of chamaemelum mixtum (l.) alloni from corsica and sardinia were investigated employing gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. the structure of (z)-heptadeca-9,16-dien-7-one, a natural compound not previously described, was elucidated by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (electron impact and chemical ionization) and one-dimensional and two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. the variation in ch ...201222225420
chemical composition and antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antifungal activities of the essential oil of achillea ligustica all.the chemical composition of the essential oil from flowering tops of achillea ligustica all. was studied. samples were collected in different localities of sardinia (italy) and hydrodistilled both with clevenger-type and with simultaneous distillation-extraction apparatus. the yields ranged between 0.88 +/- 0.06 and 0.43 +/- 0.02% (vol/dry wt). the essential oils were analyzed by gc-ms, and a total of 96 components were detected. from a qualitative point of view, irrelevant differences between s ...200516366708
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