[distribution of a and b serotypes of candida albicans: incidence in samples from 2 cities in southern italy (messina and reggio calabria)]. 19846400208
antibacterial and antifungal activities of otanthus maritimus (l.) hoffmanns. & link essential oil from sicily.the chemical composition of the essential oil obtained from the flowers of otanthus maritimus l., a perennial plant growing wild in maritime sands in the mediterranean region, was investigated by gc and gc-ms analyses. totally 66 were identified. the oil was dominated by the high content of monoterpene compounds, especially oxygenated monoterpenes which accounted for 73.1%. the most abundant components were yomogi alcohol (20.8%), camphor (15.8%), artemisyl acetate (15.3%) and artemisia alcohol ...201323126552
detection of bacterial and yeast species with the bactec 9120 automated system with routine use of aerobic, anaerobic, and fungal media.during the period 2006 and 2007, all blood cultures required by four units at high infective risk and most of those required by other units of the university hospital of palermo, palermo, italy were performed using a bactec 9120 automated blood culture system with a complete set of plus aerobic/f, plus anaerobic/f, and mycosis ic/f bottles. the aim of the study was to enable the authors to gain firsthand experience of the culture potentialities of the three different media, to obtain information ...200818923011
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