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susceptibilities of norwegian candida albicans strains to fluconazole: emergence of resistance. the norwegian yeast study group.all candida albicans isolates in norwegian microbiological laboratories in 1991 judged clinically important (except vaginal isolates) were collected. the isolates were tested for susceptibility to fluconazole with an agar dilution test and a commercially available agar diffusion test. a total of 212 strains (95%) were susceptible to fluconazole, and mics for most of the strains (92%) were < or = 1.56 micrograms/ml. the agar diffusion test using a 15-micrograms tablet and a 48-h incubation period ...19938285631
epidemiological analysis of candida albicans strains by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis.genotypic diversity in a collection of 98 isolates of candida albicans was assessed by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis. four of the 10 enzyme loci studied were polymorphic. the electrophoretic patterns observed were compatible with those expected for a diploid organism. the 98 isolates were assigned to 14 electrophoretic types, each of which was represented by from 1 to 21 isolates. samples from various clinical sites of seven bone marrow transplant patients treated in the same unit within a 1 ...19938432805
salivary secretion and oral health in narcolepsy: a pilot study.complaints of dry mouth and poor dental health are common in persons with narcolepsy. the aim of this study was to investigate whether salivary secretion is reduced in narcolepsy. persons using tricyclic anti-depressants (tcas) were excluded, since tcas are known to reduce salivary secretion. thus, two patient subgroups were studied, one on central stimulant (cs) treatment (medicated group, n = 12), and one unmedicated group (n = 8), representing all persons with narcolepsy living in the oslo ar ...19969084326
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