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[candidiasis of the stomach in a several-hour-old white gibbon--hylobates concolor leucogenys]. 1975765818
cutaneous, ocular, and osteoarticular candidiasis in heroin addicts: new clinical and therapeutic aspects in 38 patients.of 38 heroin addicts treated for systemic candidal infections, 36 had metastatic cutaneous lesions (deep-seated scalp nodules and pustulosis in hairy zones), 15 had ocular localizations (mainly chorioretinitis), and 10 had osteoarticular involvement (vertebrae, costal cartilage, knees, and sacroiliac). such cutaneous lesions have not previously been described in classical systemic candidiasis; we also observed hair invasion by candidal hyphae. candida albicans was the exclusive species isolated, ...19853897399
epidemiological and clinical approach to the study of candidiasis caused by candida albicans in heroin addicts in the paris region: analysis of 35 observations.a study of 35 cases of deep-seated candida albicans candidiasis, affecting heroin addicts in the paris region, revealed that the lesions observed were mainly cutaneous (88 per cent) and ocular (65 per cent), along with a number of instances of osteoarticular and pleuropulmonary attacks. the clinical and epidemiological findings indicated the possibility that candida albicans might be transmitted through the heroin. this paper also presents the diagnostic techniques, and the novelty of the clinic ...19826985028
male urethritis with and without discharge: a clinical and microbiological study.the definition of male urethritis in the absence of urethral discharge has not been well established. the sensitivity of urethral swabs and first-catch urine is controversial.19957482108
[epidemiology of invasive mycoses. experience of a university hospital center in paris].the incidence of opportunistic fungal infections have dramatically increased during the past decades. data from a retrospective study conducted between january 1992 and december 1994 in necker-enfants malades hospital and a review of the literature were analyzed to assess the main epidemiological features of these infections. candidiasis remained largely the most frequent: candidemia and invasive candidiasis were diagnosed in respectively 71 and 11 patients. candida albicans was the agent the mo ...19968959131
colonization and infection of pulmonary artery catheter in cardiac surgery patients: epidemiology and multivariate analysis of risk assess the incidence and etiology of colonization and infection of pulmonary artery catheters inserted in cardiac surgery patients. to determine the influence of some variables on the risk of developing pulmonary artery catheter colonization and infection.200111378606
recent exposure to caspofungin or fluconazole influences the epidemiology of candidemia: a prospective multicenter study involving 2,441 patients.a prospective multicenter surveillance program on yeast bloodstream infections was implemented in the paris, france, area without restrictions on ward of hospitalization (intensive care unit, hematology, and surgery) or age (adults and children). the present analysis concerns 2,618 isolates collected over 7 years from 2,441 patients. centralized species identification and antifungal susceptibility testing using the eucast methodology were performed. almost 10% (232/2,441) of the patients had rec ...201021078946
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