comparison of candida albicans strain types among isolates from three countries.multi-locus sequence typing data for 217 candida albicans isolates cultured since 1990 from blood and vaginal samples in japan, england/wales and the usa were analysed for geographically related variations. while no significant differences were found between distributions of diploid sequence types (dsts) in blood vs. vaginal isolates, there were highly significant differences in the clade distributions of isolates from the three geographical sources. clade 2 strains were predominantly isolates f ...200818165151
management and outcome of bloodstream infections due to candida species in england and wales.this two-year prospective hospital population-based study of candidaemia is the first to be conducted in the uk. it was carried out on behalf on the british society for medical mycology (bsmm) as part of the european confederation of medical mycology (ecmm) epidemiological survey of candidaemia. six hospitals in england and wales acted as sentinel hospitals. main outcome measures were hospital population-based incidence and 30-day mortality. there were 18.7 episodes of candidaemia per 100,000 fi ...200312767842
the epidemiology of neonatal and pediatric candidemia in england and wales, 2000-2009.there are few population-based studies on the epidemiology of neonatal and pediatric invasive candida infections, despite their significant clinical impact on patients. this study aimed to describe the epidemiology of pediatric candidemia in england and wales during a 10-year period as a means of quantifying the changing burden of infection and identifying emerging trends.201323241987
epidemiology and management of candidaemia - a retrospective, multicentre study in five hospitals in the uk.candidaemia is associated with high mortality. despite the fact that candida species account for close to 10% of all nosocomial bloodstream infections, relatively few studies have investigated the management of candidaemia in hospitals. our objective was to find out how candidaemia is managed in hospitals. data relating to all episodes of candidaemia for the year 2008 were retrospectively collected in five centres in scotland and wales. a total of 96 candidaemic episodes were recorded in the yea ...201121615542
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