[bacterial epidemiology in the burns unit at military teaching hospital mohamed v of rabat].we aimed to establish the ecology of the burns unit of the military teaching hospital mohammed v of rabat. we present results of a retrospective study of four years (march 2006-june 2010) on all micro-organisms isolated from patient samples. during the study period, we analyzed 307 samples corresponding to isolate bacterial strains from 288 non-redundant and 5 yeasts among which 4 corresponded to candida albicans. the bacteriological profile of the isolated stumps showed a change between 2006 an ...201121463998
[onychomycosis in morocco: experience of the parasitology and medical mycology laboratory from rabat children hospital (1982-2003)].cases of onychomycosis diagnosed by mycological examination in the parasitology and mycology laboratory (children hospital, rabat, marocco) over the 22-year period, between 1982 and 2003, have been reviewed. 17,177 dermatophytes have been isolated in 4,940 patients. dermatophytes presented 61.46% of onychomycosis, yeasts candida albicans were responsible in 25.5%, moulds in 1.53% and for 12% fungi identification was not determined (positive direct examination or negative direct examination and c ...200516330383
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