[candidemias: multicentre analysis in 16 hospitals in andalusia (spain).]introduction: candidemia is a nosocomial infection with high associated mortality. there have been changes in microbiology, epidemiology and treatment over the last few years, which has led us to analyse our own situation. material and methods: prospective, multicentre and observational study. all episodes of candidemia in adult patients seen in 17 andalusian hospitals from 1 october 2005 to 30 september 2006 were included. results: were detected 220 cases, the incidence was 0.58 cases/1,000 hos ...201121477895
antimicrobial activity of natural and semisynthetic diterpenoids from sideritis spp.the antimicrobial activity of 22 natural diterpenoids of endemic sideritis from eastern andalusia (spain) is described. only ent-kaur-16-ene foliol and ent-beyer-15-ene isopusillatriol proved to be active towards gram-positive and acid-fast bacteria. the introduction of a ketonic group at c-15 on ent-kaur-16-enic systems produced a remarkable degree of activity.19948159128
three years' experience of sexually transmitted diseases in seville, present there are no reliable statistics on the relative prevalences of sexually transmitted diseases (stds) in spain. in a report of the first three years' experience in an std diagnostic centre between 1977 and 1979 a total of 879 patients (534 men adn 345 women) were seen. they mainly consisted of university students and the mean age was 22 years in 1977 and 23 years in the following two years. all the patients were examined for syphilis and all women for gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis. inv ...19816894560
study of onychomycosis in córdoba, spain: prevailing fungi and pattern of infection.from a total of 20,004 patients seen during two years, we carried out a mycologic nail investigation (direct microscopy and repeated cultures). ninety-three (43.2%) of the nails were judged to be infected by their clinical appearance. they fulfilled the laboratory criteria required to start antifungal treatment (isolation of the same fungus in culture on two consecutive occasions), but only in 64 cases (29.7%) was there a clinical and mycological recovery once antifungal treatment and follow up ...19979299751
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