prevalence of asymptomatic genital infection among pregnant women in benin city, nigeria.the prevalence of asymptomatic genital infection among pregnant women and their susceptibility to antibacterial agents was investigated to provide baseline data on common asymptomatic genital microorganisms and identify potentials for development of clinical disease among this cohort of patients. high vaginal swabs were obtained from five hundred consecutive and consenting pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic of the university of benin teaching hospital (ubth) and the central hospital, ...200212685413
studies on the significance of positive bacterial semen cultures in male fertility in nigeria.early warning signals (ews) of altered reproductive potential may be very important in the prevention and management of male infertility. the presence of bacteria in semen (bacterisemia) may be an ews. this was evaluated by determining the incidence of bacteria in semen of males with fertility problems in benin city by culturing their semen.200111563831
schistosoma haematobium and urinary tract pathogens co-infections in a rural community of edo state, nigeria.a survey of s. haematobium and other urinary tract pathogens co-infection was carried out among 198 volunteers in ihieve, ogben, a rural community in owan east local government area of edo state, nigeria. of these, 118 (59.5%) had s. haematobium ova in their urine samples. light infection (< or =50 ova/l0 ml) occurred among 49 (24.7%) volunteers and 59 (29.8%) inhabitants had heavy infections (> 50 ova/10 ml). the children 68 (64.2%) were more infected their the adults 50 (54.3%). this differenc ...200718338685
urinary tract infection among asymptomatic hiv patients in benin city, nigeria.the impact of human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection and cd4+ count on the prevalence of urinary tract infection (uti) is studied to determine the prevalence of uti among hiv and non-hiv subjects. clean-catch midstream urine and venous blood was collected from 421 subjects comprising 317 hiv patients (89 men, 228 women) and 104 non-hiv subjects (48 men, 56 women). the hiv patients consisted of 101 highly active antiretroviral therapy (haart)-naive subjects and 216 patients on haart for thr ...200920095127
prevalence of otomycosis in malnourished children in edo state, nigeria.out of the total number at 200 suspected cases of otomycoses consisting of 40 malnourished and 160 apparently healthy children examined in this study between the months of july and august in edo state, 64 cases (32%) were identified to be of fungal aetiology on the basis of positive culture and careful microscopic examination. the state at protein energy malnourishment was deterwined using physicians' comments in their case files. the fungal agents isolated were aspergillus niger 28 (43.8%); a. ...19979646512
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