a first portuguese epidemiological survey of fungaemia in a university hospital.a prospective, observational study was conducted at the biggest portuguese hospital, aiming to evaluate the epidemiology of bloodstream fungal infection. during a period of 12 months (2004), all yeasts isolated from the blood cultures of patients with fungaemia admitted at a university hospital of porto were collected. demographic and clinical data, as well as haematological and biochemical profiles, were registered. antifungal susceptibility was evaluated. the incidence of fungaemia and nosocom ...200818204871
prevalence of candida albicans in vaginal fluid of asymptomatic portuguese women.candida albicans is by far the most frequent agent of genital candidosis. we studied the prevalence of c albicans in normal asymptomatic women attending primary health care centers throughout portugal. the overall prevalence of c albicans in the vaginal fluid of 1,004 women studied was 10.4%. interestingly, the prevalence rates were lower (6.8%) in women taking combination oral contraceptives and higher (13.0%) in those using intrauterine devices.19938441130
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