nosocomial infection in auckland healthcare determine the prevalence of nosocomial infection in auckland healthcare hospitals.19979315030
evidence for nosocomial transmission of candida albicans obtained by ca3 fingerprinting.the moderately repetitive sequence ca3 was used to fingerprint candida albicans isolates from 32 patients hospitalized for more than 3 days, 17 recent admissions or outpatients, and 8 recently readmitted patients and 10 commensal isolates from the community in wellington, new zealand, plus isolates from 21 hospitalized patients, 26 outpatients or recent admissions, 4 recently readmitted patients, and 10 healthy individuals in the community in auckland, new zealand. in wellington, isolates from p ...19957615732
the spectrum of systemic candidiasis at auckland hospital.systemic candidiasis is uncommon. we reviewed our experience with this disease from the infectious disease unit, auckland hospital, between 1982 and 1988, because many of these patients are referred to us. we then selected 11 of them to highlight particular presentations, diagnostic or management issues. we included both compromised and noncompromised patients from medical and surgical services. candida albicans was the most common cause, but we also saw patients infected with c glabrata, c para ...19902234643
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