microbiological profile of the cervix in 1,000 sexually active thousand consecutive women who attended the richmond family planning association clinic and who were to undergo a vaginal examination were asked to participate in a large prospective microbiological study. participants were questioned about their sexual activity during the previous 12 months and any apparent signs of sexually transmitted disease. on examination the cervix was inspected for evidence of inflammation, ectopy or discharge and cervical swabs were taken microbiological assessment. ...19883148302
the epidemiology of candidaemia and mould infections in australia.a retrospective review of candida bloodstream infections (bsi) in australian hospitals between 1995 and 1998 was performed. nine tertiary referral hospitals in the states of new south wales, victoria, south australia and queensland participated. of all isolates, 56% were candida albicans, 14% candida parapsilosis, 13% candida glabrata, 5% candida krusei and 4.5% candida tropicalis. there were significant differences in the distribution of species in different patient groups. among surgical patie ...200211801574
increasing incidence of candidaemia: long-term epidemiological trends, queensland, australia, 1999-2008.given variability in the epidemiology of candidaemia and a relative paucity of contemporary longitudinal data, a passive laboratory-based surveillance study was performed to assess the epidemiology of candidaemia in all public healthcare facilities in queensland, australia over the period 1999-2008. demographic and microbiological data on all candidaemia episodes, together with appropriate denominators (admissions and patient-days), were collected from laboratory and administrative information s ...201020382444
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