candida in burns: risk factors and outcomes.sepsis due to candida is an uncommon but a significant cause of death in burns patients. colonization is common, but consensus guidelines for prophylaxis and empirical therapy do not specifically include this cohort. our aim was to define predictive factors for candidaemia in a burns unit, to guide protocols for prevention and early treatment. we conducted a 10-year review (july 1998-december 2007) of patients admitted to the victorian adult burns service, melbourne, australia. of 1929 patients ...201020182372
candida and the lactating breast: predisposing factors.candida albicans infection of the nipples and breast ducts is a cause of sore nipples and "shooting" breast pain during lactation. a questionnaire which sought to identify predisposing factors was given to 51 women with candidiasis of the lactating breast, 18 women with other breastfeeding difficulties, and 29 women breastfeeding without any difficulties. nipple damage in early lactation, mastitis, recent use of antibiotics postpartum, long-term use prior to pregnancy, and history of vaginal thr ...19911818571
the epidemiology of candidaemia and mould infections in australia.a retrospective review of candida bloodstream infections (bsi) in australian hospitals between 1995 and 1998 was performed. nine tertiary referral hospitals in the states of new south wales, victoria, south australia and queensland participated. of all isolates, 56% were candida albicans, 14% candida parapsilosis, 13% candida glabrata, 5% candida krusei and 4.5% candida tropicalis. there were significant differences in the distribution of species in different patient groups. among surgical patie ...200211801574
fungal keratitis in melbourne.description of the clinical and microbiological spectrum of fungal keratitis at a tertiary eye care hospital in melbourne, australia.200717362452
genital candida species detected in samples from women in melbourne, australia, before and after treatment with antibiotics.vulvovaginal candidiasis (vvc) remains a common cause of morbidity, with three-quarters of women affected during their lifetimes. use of antibiotics is an acknowledged trigger for vvc, which adversely affects women's physical and emotional health. knowledge of patterns of genital candida species-level identification is important for management, as candida species other than candida albicans often fail first-line treatment. a community sample of women with no vaginal symptoms, and who were prescr ...200616954250
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