[antifungal susceptibility among the isolates of yeast from the university hospital of the ryukyus].during the period from 1999 to 2003, a total of 2,255 isolates of yeast from the patients of the university hospital of the ryukyus were determined for their antifungal susceptibilities by the asty (kyokuto pharmaceutical industrial co., ltd., tokyo) colorimetric microdilution testing. the isolates included 1,576 strains of candida albicans, 409 of c. glabrata, 69 of c. tropicalis, 60 of c. parapsilosis and 141 of other candida species. a high and uniform antifungal activity of amphotericin b ag ...200516536058
[survey of fungemia cases during the past seventeen years at teikyo university hospital].fungi were isolated from 642 cases (3.5%) of 18,403 blood samples at teikyo university hospital during the 17-years period between 1979 and 1995. the number of fungemia cases began to increase around 1985, reached a peak in 1988, and since then, it has been gradually decreasing. the fungal species of isolates were: (1) candida albicans in 224 cases (34.9%), (2) c. parapsilosis in 149 cases (23.2%), (3) c. tropicalis in 87 cases (13.6%), (4) c. glabrata in 65 cases (10.1%), (5) hansenula anomala ...19989545685
[a study for candidemia during the six year period from 1993 to 1999 in st. luke's international hospital].there were 71 patients with candidemia in our hospital from november 1, 1993 to october 31, 1999. we investigated the 59 patients from isolated species, route of infection, underlying disorders, risk factors, complications, treatment and prognosis. candida albicans was the most commonly isolated species (52%), followed by candida tropicalis (11%). eighty eight percent of the patients developed candidemia from central venous catheter related infections. the risk factors to candidemia included kee ...200312708009
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