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[a study on nosocomial infection among inpatients in beijing hospital for elderly].to investigate the nosocomial infection among inpatients.200111860881
four novel candida species in the candida albicans/lodderomyces elongisporus clade isolated from the gut of flower beetles.flower-visiting beetles belonging to three species of cetoniidae were collected on three mountains near beijing, china, and yeasts were isolated from the gut of the insects collected. based on the 26s rdna d1/d2 domain and internal transcribed spacer (its) region sequence analysis and phenotypic characterization, four novel anamorphic yeast species located in the candida albicans/lodderomyces elongisporus clade were identified from 18 of the strains isolated. the new species and type strains are ...200918830804
clinical characteristics of vulvovaginal candidiasis and antifungal susceptibilities of candida species isolates among patients in southern china from 2003 to determine the clinical characteristics of vulvovaginal candidiasis (vvc), the candida species involved and the antifungal susceptibility of candida species isolated from patients with vvc.200818937710
[epidemiological study of invasive nosocomial candidiasis in 2 teaching hospitals in beijing].to investigate the epidemiological characteristics of invasive nosocomial candidiasis in teaching hospitals in beijing.200819062737
single-center retrospective study of the incidence of, and risk factors for, non-c. albicans invasive candidiasis in hospitalized patients in china.the aims of this study were to establish the incidence of invasive candidiasis (ic) in a beijing hospital, to identify risk factors associated with ic caused by non-c. albicans candida (nac), and to determine risk factors for infection caused by nac species not susceptible to fluconazole. clinical data from 141 patients admitted to beijing chaoyang hospital (from 2001-2010) diagnosed with ic were retrospectively analyzed. the incidence of ic increased during the 10-year period, but the proportio ...201424626056
prevalence of candida albicans-closely related yeasts, candida africana and candida dubliniensis, in vulvovaginal candidiasis.isolates of candida africana and c. dubliniensis were recovered from patients with vulvovaginal candidiasis (vvc). the isolates were initially identified as c. albicans through use of the api candida system. we retrospectively reexamined 1014 vaginal isolates presumptively determined to be c. albicans at the department of obstetrics and gynecology of peking university shenzhen hospital from 1 january 2003 through 31 december 2012. our objective was to determine, via detection of the hwp1 gene, i ...201425023482
epidemiology and risk factors for nosocomial non-candida albicans candidemia in adult patients at a tertiary care hospital in north china.nosocomial candidemia extends the length of hospital stay, increases the costs of medical care, and is associated with a high mortality rate. epidemiological data that assist in the choice of initial therapy may help to improve the prognosis. the present study was undertaken to investigate the epidemiology of nosocomial candidemia and identify risk factors for nosocomial candidemia caused by c. albicans and non-albicans candida species (nac). a retrospective chart review was undertaken to analyz ...201526229153
epidemiology and antifungal susceptibilities of yeast isolates causing invasive infections across urban beijing, investigate the species distribution and antifungal susceptibility profiles of yeast isolates causing invasive infections across beijing.201728836465
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