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[epidemiological and etiologic characteristies of ocular fungal infection in haikou].to analyze the epidemiological and etiologic characteristics of ocular fungal infection in haikou.201020813692
oral yeast flora and its its sequence diversity among a large cohort of medical students in hainan, china.the most prevalent fungal infection of humans is candidiasis which is caused by species of candida that are typical members of the commensal microbial flora of the oral mucosa and other body surfaces. since species of candida differ in virulence properties and susceptibilities to anti-fungal drugs, understanding the human commensal yeast flora will have a significant impact on designing treatment and prevention strategies against yeast infections. however, although there is a global interest in ...200717551847
abundant sequence variation around the mitochondrial origin of replication in the human opportunistic yeast pathogen candida albicans from a tropical island in china.due to its haploid nature and its predominantly uniparental mode of inheritance, the mitochondrial genome has been analyzed extensively in population and evolutionary genetic studies of eukaryotes. among the mitochondrial dna (mtdna) fragments, the region surrounding the origin of replication is the most commonly studied. however, most of the studies have focused on animals and little is known about the extent and patterns of sequence variation around the mtdna origin of replication (mtori) in f ...200717493848
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