sexually transmitted infections among sex workers in kwazulu-natal, south africa.the purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections, including human immunodeficiency virus (hiv), among female sex workers operating at truckstops in the kwazulu-natal midlands of south africa.19989713913
in vitro pharmacological effects of manufactured herbal concoctions used in kwazulu-natal south africa.ethnopharmacology relevance: manufactured and packaged herbal mixtures, known locally as muthi concoctions, have become a new feature of traditional medicine in south africa. these herbal concoctions are often claimed to cure several diseases ranging from minor illness to life threatening conditions.200919146944
preliminary screening of some traditional zulu medicinal plants for anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities.aqueous and methanolic extracts from different parts of nine traditional zulu medicinal plants, of the vitaceae from kwazulu-natal, south africa were evaluated for therapeutic potential as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. of the twenty-nine crude extracts assayed for prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors, only five methanolic extracts of cyphostemma natalitium-root, rhoicissus digitata-leaf, r. rhomboidea-root, r. tomentosa-leaf/stem and r. tridentata-root showed significant inhibition ...199910624887
plants traditionally used individually and in combination to treat sexually transmitted infections in northern maputaland, south africa: antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity.although medicinal plants are used extensively to treat sexually transmitted infections (stis) in rural northern maputaland, kwazulu-natal, the efficacy and safety of these plants have not previously been evaluated.201323880127
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