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detection and toxin production of staphylococcus aureus in sudden infant death cases in hungary.the potential role of microbial agents was investigated in 13 cases of sudden infant death syndrome and in 9 non-sids cases in budapest between september 1996 and may 1998. autopsy, histological examination and microbiological tests were performed on samples of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, pharyngeal samples and lung tissue from infants under one year died suddenly, without previous diseases. the multifactorial pathomechanism of sids was suggested by the isolation of toxin producing staphylococcu ...200111233690
clinical microbiology of neonatal candidiasis in hungary.the occurrence of candida spp. was investigated during a three-year period in two neonatal intensive care units, budapest, hungary. the species distribution among the 41 analysed cases was the following: c. albicans (30/41, 73%), c. parapsilosis (10/41, 24%) and c. glabrata (1/41, 3%). all of the isolates were susceptible to the tested drugs. there was a significant difference in the birth weight, the gestational age <30 weeks and the occurrence of caesarean section between the c. albicans and t ...201021183426
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