the yeast species causing fungemia at a university hospital in riyadh, saudi arabia, during a 10-year period.this study is a retrospective investigation to determine the species of yeasts causing fungemia in a university hospital in saudi arabia during the years 1991-2000. a total of 189 episodes of fungemia were encountered, of which 121 (64%) occurred during 1991-1995, whereas only 68 cases (36%) were found between 1996 and 2000. overall, 50.3% episodes were due to candida albicans including five episodes of c. dubliniensis, followed by c. tropicalis (27%), c. parapsilosis (7.9%), c. glabrata (7.4%), ...200312950897
distribution of candida species among bloodstream identify the distribution of candida species causing bloodstream infections.200415138521
characteristics of superficial fungal infections in the riyadh region of saudi arabia.the prevalence and characteristics of superficial fungal infections (sfis) vary with climatic conditions, lifestyle, and population migration patterns. this study was undertaken to determine the characteristics of sfis amongst patients visiting the dermatology clinic of riyadh military hospital, riyadh, saudi arabia, during the period 2003-2005.200818289321
candida dubliniensis at a university hospital in saudi arabia.candida dubliniensis is a newly described yeast species that is a close phylogenetic relative of c. albicans. although it has been reported from different parts of the world, no detailed investigation of this species has been done in saudi arabia. the purpose of the present study was to identify c. dubliniensis isolates recovered from clinical specimens at a tertiary-care hospital in riyadh, saudi arabia, and to determine the drug susceptibility profiles of those isolates. over a period of 8 mon ...200312734225
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