prevalence of viral, bacterial and parasitic enteropathogens among young children with acute diarrhoea in jeddah, saudi arabia.the prevalence of viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens among children of jeddah, saudi arabia, was investigated. during december 1995-october 1996, 576 faecal samples were collected from children (0-5 year(s) old) suffering from acute diarrhoea and attending hospitals and outpatient clinics in jeddah. one or more enteropathogen(s) were identified in 45.6% of the stool specimens. mixed infections were detected in 12.2% of the diarrhoeal cases. rotavirus was detected in 34.6% of the specimens ...200111394180
profile of bacterial pneumonia during hajj.background & objectives : the congregation of a large number of people during hajj seasons from different parts of the world in overcrowded conditions within a confined area for a long period of time presents many public health challenges and health risks. one of the main health problems of the crowding is ease transmission of pneumonia by air droplets. this study was aimed to determine the most common causes of bacterial pneumonia during the 2005 hajj season and to relate the findings with clin ...201121623036
fournier's gangrene in diabetic and renal failure report our experience in the management of 9 patients with fournier's gangrene seen in our institute, to identify the most common prognostic variables in our patients, and to evaluate the outcome of aggressive management in patients with fournier's gangrene.200314578978
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