brucellosis in two hunt club members in south carolina.we report two cases of brucellosis in members of a hunt club, both of whom had killed and dressed wild boars. serologic studies usually suffice for screening patients with suspected or possible brucellosis; however, and as illustrated by our index case, one should ask the laboratory to dilute serum out beyond the customary 1:160 titer if results are negative yet the clinical suspicion high. hunters should be advised to wear gloves prior to dressing wild mammals.200415162669
diagnostic characterization of a feral swine herd enzootically infected with brucella.eighty feral swine were trapped from a herd that had been documented to be seropositive for brucella and which had been used for brucella abortus rb51 vaccine trials on a 7,100-hectare tract of land in south carolina. the animals were euthanized and complete necropsies were performed. samples were taken for histopathology, brucella culture, and brucella serology. brucella was cultured from 62 (77.5%) animals. brucella suis was isolated from 55 animals (68.8%), and all isolates were biovar 1. bru ...200717459850
update: potential exposures to attenuated vaccine strain brucella abortus rb51 during a laboratory proficiency test--united states and canada, november 2007, new york state department of health (nysdoh) officials notified cdc of potential exposures to attenuated vaccine strain brucella abortus rb51 (rb51) in multiple clinical laboratories that participated in a laboratory preparedness survey (lps) proficiency test. nysdoh conducted a survey of participating laboratories and identified 17 laboratories that reported handling the rb51 sample in a manner placing lab workers at potential risk for exposure. subsequently, cdc recommended t ...200818199966
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