[detection of anti-brucella spp. antibodies in swine by agglutination techniques and indirect elisa in the buenos aires and la pampa provinces, argentina].porcine brucellosis is one of the most important zoonoses in this country. currently, there is no control program for porcine brucellosis in argentina and the epidemiological situation is still unknown. the purpose of our study was to detect anti-brucella spp. antibodies in swine in the southwest of the buenos aires province and the east of the la pampa province. blood samples were obtained when animals were slaughtered. the presence of anti-brucella antibodies was studied by the buffered plate ...200617037254
prevalence and spatial distribution of bovine brucellosis in san luis and la pampa, argentina.bovine brucellosis (bb) is a zoonotic disease caused by brucella abortus. bb is endemic in argentina, where vaccination with brucella abortus strain 19 is compulsory for 3-to-8 month-old heifers. the objectives of this study were to quantify the prevalence of bb and to identify factors associated with its occurrence, along with the spatial distribution of the disease, in the provinces of la pampa and san luis. a two-stage random sampling design was used to sample 8,965 cows (3,513 in la pampa an ...201526276733
seroepidemiological study of neospora caninum in beef and dairy cattle in la pampa, argentina.neospora caninum is considered one of the major causes of abortion in cattle. the aim of this study was to examine and quantify the extent of the infection in cattle in a representative region of argentina (la pampa, province). an average sample size of 36 sera per herd was selected from 97 beef and 24 dairy herds. a total of 4334 serum samples were tested for specific anti- neospora caninum igg using an indirect-elisa and 302 seropositive-elisa sera were re-examined using an avidity-elisa proce ...201526203996
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