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[detection of anti-brucella spp. antibodies in swine by agglutination techniques and indirect elisa in the buenos aires and la pampa provinces, argentina].porcine brucellosis is one of the most important zoonoses in this country. currently, there is no control program for porcine brucellosis in argentina and the epidemiological situation is still unknown. the purpose of our study was to detect anti-brucella spp. antibodies in swine in the southwest of the buenos aires province and the east of the la pampa province. blood samples were obtained when animals were slaughtered. the presence of anti-brucella antibodies was studied by the buffered plate ...200617037254
natural brucella infection in argentine wild the course of an investigation in 1962-64 into the natural occurrence of brucellosis among grey foxes in argentina, agglutination tests were performed on 728 sera of the foxes dusicyon gymnocercus antiquus and d. griseus griseus, captured in the provinces of buenos aires and rio negro. agglutination titres of from 1:25 to 1:800 were found in 173 (23.8%) of the foxes tested, 11.3% having titres of 1:100 or more. in bacteriological testing, eight cultures of brucella abortus, biotype 1, were ob ...19665296540
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