seroprevalences of brucellosis, q-fever and toxoplasmosis in slaughter livestock in trinidad.serum samples obtained from livestock (cattle, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats and water buffaloes) slaughtered at various slaughter houses in trinidad were screened for agglutinins to three zoonosis causing pathogens. of a total of 751 sera tested, 2 (0.3%) originating from chickens were positive for brucella abortus agglutinins using the rose bengal test (rbt), but both were negative by the tube serum agglutination test (sat). thirty-six (4.8%) of 749 sera were positive for coxiella burnetii aggl ...19968881416
isolation of brucella abortus biovar 1 from cattle and water buffaloes on trinidad. 200212233831
estimation of receiver-operating characteristic curves to determine accuracy of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the serodiagnosis of brucella infection in domestic water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) and estimate receiver-operating characteristic (roc) curves for a competitive elisa (c-elisa) that is used in serodiagnosis of brucellosis in water buffalo and cattle, to determine the most appropriate positive cutoff value for the c-elisa in confirmation of infection, and to evaluate species differences in c-elisa function.200312518879
likelihood ratio estimation without a gold standard: a case study evaluating a brucellosis c-elisa in cattle and water buffalo of trinidad.the likelihood ratio (lr) is a measure of association that quantifies how many more times likely a particular test result is from an infected animal compared to one that is uninfected. they are ratios of conditional probabilities and cannot be interpreted at the individual animal level without information concerning pretest probabilities. their usefulness is that they can be used to update the prior belief that the individual has the outcome of interest through a modification of bayes' theorem. ...200616600408
toxoplasma gondii and chlamydophila abortus in caprine abortions in tobago: a sero-epidemiological study.a sero-epidemiological study was conducted on a goat farm that experienced an abortion epidemic in the 2005 breeding season in tobago. serum samples of goats (aborting and non-aborting) and cats were collected, in addition to the use of stored sera from the farm sampled in 2003 and 2004. farm records on the reproductive and mortality rates for year 2003, 2004 and 2005 were also reviewed. the sera were screened for toxoplasma gondii antibodies using the latex agglutination test (lat), chlamydophi ...200616629987
seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis and brucellosis in sugarcane field-workers in trinidad and tobago.sugarcane field-workers, like rice field-workers, livestock farmers and abattoir workers are known to be occupationally exposed to zoonotic agents. the study determined the seroprevalence of immunoglobulins to toxoplasma gondii (igm), leptospira spp (igm) and brucella abortus (igg) in sugarcane field-workers across weighing stations in the island of trinidad. in addition, the association of risk factors to infections by the three zoonoses was investigated. blood samples were collected from conse ...201020931907
frequency of detection of immunoglobulins of toxoplasma gondii, leptospira spp., and brucella abortus in livestock/farm and abattoir workers in trinidad.toxoplasma gondi, leptospira spp., and brucella abortus are all established parasitic and bacterial zoonoses that manifest themselves in several forms of human diseases. they have been associated with occupational exposures, particularly amongst workers associated with livestock farms. the primary objectives of this study were to determine the seroprevalence of t. gondii immunoglobulin m (igm) immunoglobulins (serum antibodies), leptospira igm immunoglobulins, and b. abortus igg immunoglobulins, ...201121728871
brucellosis in domestic water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) of trinidad and tobago with comparative epidemiology to cattle.the water buffalo is an important domestic animal worldwide, and the local buffalypso variety was developed in trinidad to have improved beef qualities. brucellosis was diagnosed in trinidad and tobago during 1998 in both cattle and domestic water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) populations. brucellosis in the latter species is caused by infection with brucella abortus, similar to bovine brucellosis. control of brucellosis is of paramount importance to preservation of the genetic diversity of these an ...201121479842
evaluation of brucellosis rb51 vaccine for domestic water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) in trinidad.thirty-two young domestic water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) were obtained from a brucellosis-free farm to determine effectiveness of rb51 vaccination for prevention of brucella infection under natural-exposure conditions in trinidad. study animals (20 males and 12 females 5-20 months old) were assigned to vaccination or control groups, using a block randomization design ensuring equal sex distributions between groups. the vaccination group received commercially available rb51 at the recommended ca ...200312706059
virulence of brucella abortus isolated from cattle and water buffalo.brucellosis has been documented in domestic water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) but published literature is limited despite the importance of this species in tropical agricultural systems. the objective of this study was to compare the virulence of brucella abortus isolates recovered from cattle and water buffalo. nineteen strains of b. abortus from cattle and domestic water buffalo in trinidad were intraperitoneally inoculated into balb/c mice. spleens were cultured for b. abortus and histopatholog ...201020972706
comparison of serologic tests for detection of brucella infections in cattle and water buffalo (bubalus bubalis).to estimate sensitivity and specificity of 4 commonly used brucellosis screening tests in cattle and domestic water buffalo of trinidad, and to compare test parameter estimates between cattle and water buffalo.200212428673
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