serosurvey for antibodies against brucella abortus and leptospira interrogans in pampas deer from brazil.a survey for antibodies against brucella abortus, and leptospira interrogans was conducted on 17 pampas deer (ozotocerus bezoarticus) from pantanal matogrossense (state of mato grosso do sul, brazil) and on 24 pampas deer from parque nacional de emas (state of goiás, brazil). antibodies against b. abortus were detected by plate agglutination, rose bengal, and complement fixation tests; antibodies against leptospira interrogans were detected by the microscopic agglutination test. all sera were ne ...199910073359
serologic survey for selected infectious diseases in free-ranging brazilian tapirs (tapirus terrestris) in the cerrado of central brazil.from september 2000 to january 2002, a serologic survey was conducted in a population of free-ranging brazilian tapirs (tapirus terrestris) inhabiting emas national park and surrounding areas in goiás state, central brazil, as part of an ecologic study. ten tapirs were immobilized with a tiletamine-zolazepam combination, and blood samples were collected. all sera were negative for leptospira spp., brucella abortus, and equine infectious anemia; and one of 10 animals was positive for toxoplasma g ...201020722266
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