serological investigations in nigeria for anthropozoonoses in human sera: brucellosis, echinococcosis, toxoplasmosis, chlamydial diseases, listeriosis, rickettsiosis (coxiella burneti and rickettsia conori).176 blood sera taken from patients in the hospital of minna and abeokuta (nigeria) were examined for anthropozoonoses. the following positive reactions could be found: brucella abortus 9%, brucella melitensis 11.7%, echinococcosis 0.53%, toxoplasmosis 79.2% (cf-test 6.9%), chlamydial diseases 45%, listeriosis 28.7% (typ 1h) and 19.7% (typ 4bh), rickettsiosis--rickettsia conori 18.6% and coxiella burneti 63.3%.19873443751
serological survey of bovine brucellosis in fulani nomadic cattle breeds (bos indicus) of north-central nigeria: potential risk factors and zoonotic implications.a cross sectional study was conducted to investigate seroprevalence and associated risk factors of bovine brucellosis in fulani nomadic herds in the 3 agro-ecological zones of niger state, north-central nigeria between january and august 2013. a total of 672 cattle in 113 herds were screened for brucella antibodies using rose bengal plate test (rbpt) and confirmed by lateral flow assay (lfa). data on herd characteristics and zoonotic factors were collected using structured questionnaire administ ...201626464048
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