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incidence and seasonal prevalence among an occupationally-exposed population to brucellosis.the present three-year longitudinal study has clearly demonstrated the advantages of modern and scientific livestock management over the traditional and extensive methods of animal husbandry in the prevention and control of bovine and human brucella abortus infection. the occupational hazard, in relation to brucellosis, to which livestock farmers are exposed in oyo state is closely related to the level of infection in the animal population, the level of environmental contamination and hygiene on ...19806771907
the use of the milk ring test and rose bengal test in brucellosis control and eradication in this study, milk and blood samples collected simultaneously from 532 trade cows to be slaughtered at bodija abattoir, ibadan (southwestern, nigeria) were examined for antibodies to brucella using the milk ring test (mrt) and the rose bengal test (rbt). overall, 18.61% of the milk samples were positive according to the mrt, while 9.77% of the serum samples were positive according to the rbt. the difference was highly significant (chi-square value 16.33; p < 0.05); only 32 (6.02%) of the sample ...200819244818
seroprevalence of bovine brucellosis in trade cattle slaughtered in ibadan, nigeria, from 2004-2006.a seroprevalence study was carried out among trade cattle slaughtered at bodija municipal abattoir, ibadan (southwestern nigeria) over a period of 3 consecutive years from 2004 to 2006 with a view to determining the breed, sex and age distribution in the seropositivity of bovine brucellosis. in total, 1642 animals were examined for antibodies to brucella abortus using the rose bengal test. seroprevalences of 6.00%, 6.17% and 5.31% were obtained in the years 2004, 2005 and 2006, respectively but ...201020649155
seroprevalence of brucella abortus and b. canis in household dogs in southwestern nigeria: a preliminary report.a preliminary serological study of 366 household dogs in lagos and ibadan, southwestern nigeria, was carried out to determine antibodies due to exposure to brucella abortus and b. canis, using the rose bengal test (rbt) and the rapid slide agglutination (rsa) test, respectively. results showed that 5.46 % (20/366) and 0.27 % (1/366) of the dogs screened were seropositive to b. abortus and b. canis, respectively. of all dogs, 36 had a history of being fed foetuses from cows and 11 (30.6 %) of the ...201121826840
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