serological survey of pre-weaned new zealand fur seals (arctocephalus forsteri) for brucellosis and conduct a longitudinal serological survey for evidence of brucella spp and leptospira spp infection of pre-weaned new zealand fur seals in a colony on the otago peninsula.200516317444
serologic evaluation of new zealand sea lions for exposure to brucella and leptospira spp.a serologic survey of anti-brucella and antileptospiral antibodies was conducted on 147 adult, female new zealand sea lions (phocarctos hookeri). most sea lions (n=138) were sampled at sandy bay, enderby island, auckland islands (50°30's, 166°17'e), january 2000-march 2005. nine were sampled at otago, new zealand (46°0's, 170°40'e); four in april 2008 and five in march 2009. serum from one of the enderby island females was weakly positive for antibodies to brucella abortus using the competitive ...201020966283
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