brucella cultures typed by the who brucellosis centre at the commonwealth serum laboratories, melbourne.results of the typing of brucella cultures received at the who brucellosis centre, csl, melbourne, from 1968-1976 are presented. the distribution of the biotypes of cultures recovered throughout australia is shown on a host and state basis and atypical cultures are discussed. cultures identified from australia were br. abortus, biotypes 1, 2 and 4 and strain 19; br. suis, biotype 1 and br. ovis. br. melitensis biotypes 1, 2 and 3 were recorded only as exotic human infections from the mediterrane ...1978105700
monitoring of dairy herds for brucella abortus infection when prevalence is low.a total of 2,698 dairy herds were surveyed in 1981-1982 in new south wales and north eastern victoria in a review of the methods used to monitor them for the presence of brucella abortus. the methods used to monitor dairy herds were testing of all breeding cows over 1 year of age using the rose bengal test (rbt) and complement fixation test (cft), the bulk milk ring test (bmrt), and testing of blood samples collected at abattoirs using the rbt and cft. the surveyed herds had at least one whole h ...19873619804
serological survey of wild fallow deer (dama dama) in new south wales, australia. 19826801845
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