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agglutinins for brucellae antigens in blood sera of an urban and rural population in kenya.the antibody titres for brucella arbotus and br. melitensis in 364 sera from healthy individuals in nairobi and naivasha are presented. a majority (96%) had no detectable agglutinins. reactivity was markedly higher in the naivasha serum samples, than in those from nairobi. in naivasha, seven per cent showed reactivity, whereas in nairobi a larger majority (98%), showed no reactivity, with antibody titres ranging from 1:20-1:160. age and sex were found to have no effect on antibody titre distribu ...19968698024
investigations into the prevalence of bovine brucellosis and the risk factors that predispose humans to infection among urban dairy and non-dairy farming households in dagoretti division, nairobi, explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of dairy and non-dairy farming households in dagoretti in regard to the risk posed by bovine brucellosis and determine the prevalence of the disease in urban dairy cattle.200718338729
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